Ethos & Values

At Woodhouse Academy, our school is built on twelve rolling values that are central to everything we do. At the core of developing the whole child is the need to highlight how life can be enriched when they are more resilient, co-operative and have respect for others, as well as themselves.  We have high standards for all our students and there are many ways in which students are helped to realise their potential through the school values:

  • Our ‘Shooting Star’ is featured all around the school – in classes and on presentations – as a constant reminder
  • Assemblies, whether key stage or whole-school, regularly focus on the school values
  • Each half-term, we have a focus on one value and this is on our daily student message service ‘Spill The Beans’
  • Students know that their form tutors and staff are looking at ways in which students demonstrate the half-termly value and rewarded for it
  • At the end of each half-term, we have a celebration assembly where form tutors ‘reveal’ their chosen student for that term’s value. Parents are also invited in to watch
  • Our community project enables all students to be part of the wider school programme, support others and be valued for playing their part
  • Lessons and PSHE will often focus on, or refer back to, the values that are displayed on the Shooting Star in each room
  • A number of our students are displayed around the school in photographs as a reminder of each value

Our aim is to ensure that all our students, regardless of background, ability, gender or race, have the best opportunities to develop as well-rounded, polite and respectful citizens who will recognise that contributing to society is rewarding, selfless and develops a moral compass that will set them up for life.



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