Emergency Closure due to Inclement Weather

Just a reminder of the procedures with regard to closure during bad weather.  School will not send children home during the school day.  If the school buses advise us that they wish to collect children early due to the weather conditions, parents of those children affected will be contacted.  No child will be allowed to leave the premises without prior permission.  However, if you decide that your child should leave early due to the deteriorating weather, you may contact the school and ask that they be released early.

If snow conditions are such that it is not advisable to travel, for the safety of staff and pupils, the school will close for that day.  School will text parents who have provided up to date mobile numbers, advising that school is closed, it is therefore imperative that you do keep us informed of any changes to telephone numbers.  A message will also appear on the home page of the school website—www.woodhouseacademy.staffs.sch.uk.  Assume that the school will open the following day unless otherwise informed.

Please click on the link www.staffordshire.gov.uk/schoolclosures for information from the Local Authority re:  school closures.

School Gritting Policy

The grounds maintenance team are responsible for the gritting & clearing of the school driveway and car park.

The School janitor/Site Supervisor will assess the safety of the playground, and clear pathways into the school.  In some instances this may only be the main routes into school.  Extra care should be taken at all times in these conditions.

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